Trainers, help put an end to chasing!

Become a licensed Un-Chase!® Instructor:

Improve the lives of dogs in your community

 Dogs who don’t chase enjoy more outdoor time and indoor freedom

Protect the well being of other animals

Save pets, farm animals, and wildlife from stress and physical harm

Help clients and students solve a challenging issue

Replace worry and frustration with peace of mind and enjoyment

Create new revenue streams for your business

Add Un-Chase! classes and/or help fill your private training spots

Set yourself apart from local offerings

Most dogs chase—now you can be the trainer in your area to stop it

Course details

What it is

A 9-week online program for professional dog trainers

What you get
  • Weekly pre-recorded lessons rich with explanation, examples, and video you can watch per your schedule
  • Weekly live discussion groups via Zoom
  • Handouts for clients and students
  • A license to use the Un-Chase! brand, curriculum, and materials in your business*
  • 1:1 marketing session via Zoom*
  • Access to ongoing support via monthly Zoom meet-ups and exclusive Licensed Trainers Facebook group*

* You must successfully complete the course and pass written and hands-on assessments (done by video or live conferencing) to become a licensed Un-Chase! Instructor

Approved for CEUs
The following organisations have approved CEUs for the Un-Chase!® Pro Trainer Course:
  • KPA – 29.25
  • IAABC – 25
  • PPG – 15.5
  • CCPDT – 21
CEUs are granted to students who successfully complete the 9-week course.
Who it's for

Professional dog trainers with:

  1. One or more of these qualifications 
  2. A minimum of two year’s experience applying training skills in a paid capacity
What it costs

Un-Chase! Professional Trainer Course tuition is USD $1850* 
Currency Converter

*The tuition for trainers residing in Australia is AUD $2400 (includes GST)


You’ll learn step-by-step details for running successful Un-Chase! classes and private training consults

Understanding chasing behaviour

Gain deep insight into the elements of chasing, understand the common labels applied to chasers (terms like predatory aggression, prey drive, and predatory drift), and set down chase myths in favour of science.

Enrichment and exercise

Learn which enrichment activities and games are best for helping to curb chasing, and what the studies say about playing fetch.

Training exercises

Learn the foundation behaviours and advanced cues for your Un-Chase! programs (including emergency behaviours and chase-based approaches to recall training), how and when to use them, and the role of clicker training.


Consider the role of reinforcers versus rewards in anti-chase training, and the pros and cons of their use.

Running Un-Chase!® classes

All the details you need to run successful Un-Chase! classes, from equipment and class set up to curriculum and instruction.

Successful private Un-Chase! consults

How to tailor private training to coaching, day training, board & train, and live online consults, plus sample training plans and case studies.

Using training tech

Recommended R+ training aids (such as the Pet Tutor) and how to incorporate them into classes and private training if you use them.

Meet your instructor

Alexis Davison, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP is an accomplished trainer and trainer educator. Alexis is a Karen Pryor Academy faculty member and a regular, dynamic presenter at dog training conferences and seminars worldwide, sharing her innovative +R techniques for stopping chase behaviours in their tracks.

Ready to add Un-Chase!® to your professional repertoire?

We’ll be announcing dates for the next course soon.

Successful graduation from:

  • The Karen Pryor Academy
  • The Academy for Dog Trainers
  • The Academy of Pet Careers
  • CATCH Canine Trainer’s Academy
  • Victoria Stilwell Academy

Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training

Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services

IAABC Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

Pat Miller Certified Trainer Level 3