Pro Trainer Application Form

This program is designed for professional dog trainers. The curriculum assumes a professional knowledge and skill set, and experience applying it. Before submitting your application, please confirm each of the following:
I understand the difference between operant and classical conditioning and know when and how to use each.(Required)
I understand and have experience employing the principles of applied behaviour analysis, and I examine antecedents and consequences when conducting a functional assessment.(Required)
I understand and have experience with the use of DRI (Differential Reinforcement of an Incompatible Behaviour) in training.(Required)
I have training in and feel confident in my ability to read canine body language.(Required)
I understand and can apply a variety of positive reinforcement training techniques, including capturing, shaping, and targeting.(Required)
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Postal Address (if different)
Do you have your own dog training business?(Required)
Please provide details of your business or the business or organisation that you currently work for below.

Successful graduation from:

  • The Karen Pryor Academy
  • The Academy for Dog Trainers
  • The Academy of Pet Careers
  • CATCH Canine Trainer’s Academy
  • Victoria Stilwell Academy

Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training

Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services

IAABC Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

Pat Miller Certified Trainer Level 3